Friday, October 25, 2019

New 5E Magic Item idea: Cannibalistic Magic Items

In my Catamaran B Team Campaign I wanted to get away from the Glory Point system I'd used previously and get into more traditional treasure drops. I also wanted to do something with items you keep that level up over time, but also didn't want characters to permanently exit the gear treadmill as soon as they got one. To serve both these ends I came up with the idea (that someone else has probably had) of magic items that consume other items of similar type to increase their power. The example of this is a weapon that consumes other magic weapons and gets more powerful based on the total number of pluses consumed. The first example of this is below.

The Reaver
  • +1 battle axe, be changed to the form of a great axe, hand axe, battle axe, or a glaive as part of a short rest.
  • Attuning reduces the wielder’s max hit points by 5
  • Can use reaction after striking a non-undead or construct enemy to do an additional 1d6 necrotic damage to that enemy, gain that many temp hit points for the wielder
  • Can consume other magical weapons over a short rest. When it has drained a total number of pluses, the abilities of the weapon increase according to the table below. Note ammunition cannot be used in this fashion.
  • +1: Necrotic and bonus hit point die increases to 1d8
  • +2: Gain resistance to necrotic damage
  • +3: Become a +2 weapon.
  • +4: Necrotic and bonus hit point die increases to 1d10
  • +5: Can sense direction to the Reaver, within 500 feet can call it to hand as a bonus action. Can cast speak with dead on any corpse killed with it.
  • +6: Becomes a +3 weapon
  • +7: Necrotic and bonus hit point die increases to 2d6
  • +8: On killing a non-undead and non-construct being, regain 1 hit die
  • +9: Necrotic and bonus hit point die increases to 2d8