Friday, February 4, 2011


This is my new game design blog where I hope to get some of the ideas bouncing around in my head down in text.  It will mainly serve as a place to write down text on the various game and fiction projects I am tinkering with both to get them down and to get feedback.  There will also be the occasional game theory post. 

So the main projects that will be discussed here:
  • Shadows of Azathoth: My Lovecraftian space horror rpg project.  The players are marines long over due sent on mission after mission without rest, resupply, or word from command, their ship their only haven in a universe that has suddenly gone mad.  Communal character is the ship (and the AI that runs it) that the players build together. 
  • The Last Knights of Camelot: A rpg about a post-apocalyptic retelling of the King Arthur story with giant robots.  Players play knights (who drive giant robots), squires (who fix giant robots), wizards, druids, etc with each group's giant robot serving as the communal character for the group (i.e. each player gets to chose some aspects for the robot at character creation based on their character type and gets to make certain rolls when it is in combat). 
  • Americana: An rpg about mythological American archetypes. Each region of the world is a different period of American history, though all with a supernatural bent.  So you have the American Revolution region where the British also wanted to take North American's spell component resources, massive smog clouded Industrial cities of the 1920s where the machines threaten to take over the lives of the workers, etc. It'll have some manner of communal character, but not sure what it is yet. 
  • Soul of a Nation: A novel about a park ranger and secret service agent fighting the supernatural around Washington DC.  
  • GodWar: Renaissance occult high power game about fighting off the invasion of Earth by Lucifer's army (which has already taken Heaven).  Characters are things like kabbalist mages, clockwork engineers trained by Da Vinci, downcast angels, Templars empowered by the Holy Grail, etc.  Sort of an alternate history game where everything is more awesome.  
  • Whatever other game ideas I come up with.  

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