Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gunslinger via Planescape

So the Warlord Wombat is starting a Planescape 4E campaign with rogue modrons as an available character race.  Thus came to be N+1, the rogue modron lawman that I thought was worth sharing.

X^-1 fled out of Mechancus, and N+1 followed.  

From the day his gears first ground, N+1 had been part of Enforcement, charged with enforcing the laws of Mechanus, every cog in it's cycle and every measurement to spec.  As a plane of law, this was easy most of the time, with his main concern being keeping outsiders from mucking up the delicate arrangement that was the plane of Mechanus.  Then the clockplague came.  As if overnight, modrons began having irregular timing, punch cards developed new holes, and pendulums swayed erratically.  It was from this chaos that X^-1 appeared, thought by some to be the creator of the clockplague while others merely believed him the most adversely affected.  

X^-1 worked to spread poor timing, bad measurements, and general chaos through grid-like streets and towers of Mechanus.  From his efforts thousands died crushed in the gears of massive, city sized devices run amok or simple breaking down from their own internal degradation.  He spread the clockplague beyond the areas where N+1 and his allies among Enforcement had worked to contain it.  After decades of struggle no cure for the plague was found and Enforcement was forced to do more and more terrible things to keep order in Mechanus. Those infected were slaughtered by the thousands. Free will, creative thought, and other such ideas could not be allowed to run free.  In time they finally forced X^-1 to flee the plane, having eliminated all his hideouts and allies, but by that time N+1 had changed.  He had been forced to kill too many of his brother modrons in the name of conformity to remain in Enforcement and see Law as worth enforcing, and so instead he chose banishment.  

Like X^-1 he became a rogue modron, leaving Mechanus never to be allowed to return.  Officially he left to hunt down X^-1 so he could never threaten Mechanus again, but in truth N+1 could no longer stand living in the plane he helped defend for so long.  Maybe N+1 had caught the clockplague himself, or maybe he had just changed over the years.  In any case, first he was going to find X^-1 and make him pay for what he had forced N+1 to become.  And last he heard X^-1 was hiding out in Sigil.  

So thinking Seeker or Ranger with a weapon that has the stats of a repeating crossbow that looks like a gun.  

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