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From the Kill Pile: The Time Pact Warlock, Part 2

And part 2 of the Time Pact Warlock.  Not sure what to do for the next From the Kill Pile, more warlock pacts (I've got two more)?  Cut bits from the World's Largest Dungeon from back in the day?  The extra ships that I wrote up for Fading Suns way way back in the day?
Paragon Path: Time Weaver
Some say time is a river, but that’s all rather simplistic.  Time is more like a spider’s web or a weaver’s work; it is made up of thousands of threads and the alteration of one can cause catastrophe elsewhere.  This is the power I hold over time, as I have the threads of time at my beck and call. 
Prerequisites: Time pact warlock
Your studies began with treating time as a tool used to your own ends, but now you have begun to see it entails far more.  Time is not merely a tool, but a structure that keeps the universe operating on schedule, and you have the power to work massive alterations of that schedule through a number of far smaller adjustments.  Space and distance have become malleable to you and cause and effect have little relationship within your grasp. 
Time Weaver Path Features:
Finding What Time Is Lost (11th Level): When you spend an action point, your Timelost Aura increases by +3.
An End to All Things in Time (11th Level): You may spend 3 points from your Timelost Aura to gain a +2 bonus to all your defenses until the end of your next turn. 
Making Up for Lost Time (16th Level): Each time you gain points in your Timelost Aura, you may increase your initiative count by the same number, and you gain a bonus to all saving throws equal to the Timelost aura points gained until the end of your next turn.
Time Weaver Spells
Untying the Strings                                       Time Weaver (Time) Attack 11
You begin pulling at the strings of time around the target, unraveling them over time to cause greater and greater damage. 
Encounter * Arcane, Implement, Psychic
Standard Action                    Ranged 10
Target: One creature
Attack: Charisma vs. Will
Hit: 2d8 + Charisma modifier psychic damage, and the target gains vulnerability 10 to psychic damage until the end of your next turn.
Time Slide                                                      Time Weaver (Time) Utility 12
You unhitch yourself from the time stream ever so slightly, allowing you to make quick teleports around the battlefield. 
Daily * Arcane, Teleportation
Minor Action                         Personal
Effect: You may spend a move action to teleport 6 squares. 
Sustain Move: May spend a move action to teleport 6 squares.
Weaver’s Assault                                           Time Weaver (Time) Attack 20
You tear apart the threads of time connecting your nearby enemies, causing them immense pain and momentarily confusing them. 
Daily * Arcane, Implement, Psychic
Standard Action                    Area 2 within 10
Target: All enemies in area
Attack: Charisma vs. Will
Hit: 3d6 + Charisma psychic damage +1 damage per creature targeted, and the target is dazed (save ends).
Miss: Half damage, and the target is dazed until the ends of your next turn.  

Epic Destiny: Clockwarden
There are bigger concerns than that nations or worlds.  There are timelines, temporal vortexes, and all manner of threats to the flow of time itself that are dealt with every day while the mass of mortal-kind does not even notice.  Heroes may keep the monsters at bay and kings may keep the peasants fed, but without you they wouldn’t even exist to do so. 
Prerequisites: 21st level, Time pact warlock
There are beings beyond the perceptions of mortals that keep time flowing properly.  Some gods take part in these efforts, but the day to day maintenance of the timeline is handled more by the Parliament of the Ages, a collection of long forgotten gods, primordial fragments, temporal shardlings, and time collectors.  Dating from before the war between the gods and primordials, the Parliament of Ages is a rare show of cooperation between the two sides, such is the importance they place on the maintenance of the time stream.  These creatures are massively powerful and intelligent, but they have never been anything close to mortal.  They have little understanding of mercy, hope, or other mortal concerns except for revenge, justice, and security.  To build a better understanding of humanity they raise up the best of their mortal servants to become the Clockwarden,
The Clockwarden serves the Parliament of Ages as the voice of mortal existence in matters of time.  While the Parliament is primarily concerned with plots to erase history, creating parallel timelines, and other massive scale problems, Clockwardens are concerned with more mortal-involved issues such as determining the length of an average human life, making sure the seasons turn properly, and insuring the time of the sun’s rise does indeed come to pass each morning.  While gods are responsible for making many of these things happen, it is the Clockwarden who makes sure the frame of time they hang their works on functions properly.  It is an immense responsibility that is often fulfilled by destroying those who threaten the time stream, but even with such responsibilities having such control of time does make it easy to sneak out for an occasional bit of fun. 
Beyond Time Itself
After your final quest you are named the Clockwarden by the Parliament of Ages, a process that removes you from the time stream.  You no longer age and instead become an immutable fact, unable to be killed as long as you have some power of time left in you.  You leave the everyday activities of the mortal world behind to move on to bigger picture issues, making sure that time flows properly and mortals get a fair shake while it does.  While your service is immensely important and you will be known to all manner of god, primordial, and demon prince, most mortals will never hear of your fame, your presence outside the timestream removes you from the minds of most mortals.  You exist in a level of time they can no longer conceive of. 

Clockwarden Features
Unfettered by Time (21st Level):
You gain a +8 bonus to initiative checks..   
Eddies in the Stream (24th Level): Whenever you spend a healing surge you gain 1 point to your Timelost Aura. 
Immutable Fact (30th Level): If you have at least 3 points in your Timelost aura and are reduced to 0 hit points, you immediately are restored to your bloodied value and your Timelost aura is reduced to 0. 
Clockwarden Power:
A Time of Rest                      Clockwarden (Time) Utility 26
Daily * Arcana
Standard Action                    Personal
Effect: You may spend 7 points from your time lost aura to take a short rest as a standard action.  

Burning Time
Prerequisites: Cha 13, warlock, Time Pact class feature
Benefit: You may expend points from your Timelost Aura to increase the range of any warlock spell by +1 square per point of Timelost Aura expended. 
Improved Timelost Aura
Prerequisites: Cha 13, warlock, Time Pact class feature
Benefit: The cost of using your Timelost Aura to take a move action is reduced by 1 point. 
Retained Timelost Aura
Prerequisites: 11th level, Cha 15, warlock, Time Pact class feature
Benefit: After each short rest, your Timelost Aura starts at 1 point instead of 0. 
Greater Timelost Aura
Prerequisites: 21st level, Cha 19, warlock, Time Pact class feature, Improved Timelost Aura
Benefit: The cost of using your Timelost Aura to take a standard action is reduced by 1 point. 
 Timelocked Pact Blade                                                         Level 4+
Made from the broken hand of a massive clock, this weapons makes the passage of time more dangerous to those who would dare attack it’s wielder. 
Lvl 4    +1        840 gp             Lvl 19  +4        105,000 gp
Lvl 9    +2        4,200 gp          Lvl 24  +5        525,000 gp
Lvl 14  +3        21,000 gp        Lvl 29  +6        2,625,000 gp
Weapon: Light Blade
Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +1d6 per plus
Property: This blade functions as a warlock implement, adding its enhancement bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls for warlock powers that use implements. 
Property: When a creature you have cursed with your Warlock’s Curse makes a melee attack against you, it suffer a penalty to saving throws equal to the enhancement bonus of the pact blade until the end of your next turn.  If the target is currently not suffering from any ongoing effects, it is slowed until the end of your next turn. .
Special: You do not gain your weapon proficiency bonus to the attack roll when using a pact blade as an implement.  
Timelocked pact blades were first created by the time warden Atrophos to arm agents of the Parliament of Ages.  For centuries ownership of these weapons was a symbol of serving the Parliament, but eventually as timelocked pact blades were lost mortals began copying the design.  Atrophos, still in service to the Parliament, does not take this lightly and works to recover these copies when possible.  These weapons are most valued by time pact warlocks, but dragon pact warlocks also have been known to seek them out.

Battleclock Gauntlets                                                            Level 14
These hard leather gauntlets have a small but solid timepiece built in to them that always displays the correct time. 
Item Slot: Hands        21,000 gp
Property: You gain a +2 item bonus to initiative checks.
Power (Daily): Immediate Interrupt.  You can use this power when you are hit by a power with an ongoing effect.  The effect ends immediately. 
Developed by Reneer the Undying, a battlewizard of no small skill, these gauntlets were specifically created to give Reneer an edge in a magical duel against a time pact warlock.  Unfortunately Reneer lost the duel but his life was spared in exchange for the secret of making the battleclock gauntlets.  They have since become common among wizards who face combat regularly, but anyone caught wearing one in the presence of Reneer the Undying is likely to be challenged to a duel. 

Sands of Time                                                                        Level 15
These small, white grains of sand twinkle and shift on their own within their glass container.
Other Consumable    1,000 gp
Power (Consumable): Minor action. Throw the sands of time at your feet and gain 5 points to your Timelost Aura. 
Using ancient rituals these sands are transformed from normal white sands to being the very stuff of time itself.  These items were first created by Tempo, one of the temporal fragments sitting on the Parliament of Ages, to help his followers get out of tough situations.  The first sands of time were actually drawn from the time stream itself, but most mortals do not have the capacity to survive direct exposure to such energies.  These items are still awarded by Tempo to his followers, but some time pact warlocks have mastered the art of infusing regular sand with time energy to create their own sands of time
Some mortals seek out sands of time out of mistaken beliefs about their powers, thinking these enchanted grains can grant immortality.  Such disappointment is rarely taken well.  

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