Wednesday, May 2, 2012

No more Farscape MMO posts

Due to legal entanglements (nothing involving Henson) I've taken down the posts about the Farscape MMO.  My apologies for anyone who wanted to see it but couldn't; posting it was an ill-considered action.


  1. Really sorry to hear that, although I'm glad I at least got to read the initial bits. If the legal entanglements ever get worked out, have you thought about attempting to work with the Henson Company on crowd funding the project?

  2. It's been/being discussed. We had a lot of stories we wanted to tell and would like to see some of them survive.

  3. Kickstarter would also be a good option.

    1. I'd put in my money for that.

  4. Thanks for trying, what I read was really interesting.
    It seems baffling how anyone other then Henson, or who wrote it, would have any rights over this thing :-/

  5. i would donate to a cause like that

  6. Kick. Start. This. Bitch!

  7. Just gotta chip in my agreement. This is exactly the sort of thing Kickstarter would be great for.

    Most underrated sci-fi series ever, most underrated MMO dev(s) ever, with no chance in an unfair world for something that really should exist to see the light of day.

    Yes, this is exactly the sort of thing that would make supporters come out of the woodwork in droves.

    Please please please, in this world of uncreative drivel, make something epic happen.

  8. Is it me, or was the thought of another TV show enough to make my jaw drop.

    This seems to be a pretty well thought out idea for the game.
    I certainly would play, but as all things in the "cult classic" universe(s) (sure the Farscape fans is a pretty large group, but...), will it have enough to draw those who might not have gotten a chance to see the show, or more importantly, draw in those gamers who might not have actually liked the show (yes, I know, not possible really, but...)?? Possibly the thought process for the money drying up? Probably.

    Regardless, who has right on this (IP) to carry it out if money became available again?
    I think that the now infamous Kickstarter program is a place to go with something like this to see if there's enough interest in following through with it.

    Regardless, the work that has been put into thus far is quite impressive.

    A game from the Farscape Universe would be quite welcome, at least one that isn't Frelling Dren...

    Darn, I only got to read the first page, I didn't make it to the next part.


  9. I've learned never to do anything on emotion and publishing everything had to be an emotional moment for you.

    Don't guise it under the "I wanted to let people see what goes into blah blah". It was a keeping it real moment in the non D&D world.

    Many of us wanted the game to be produced by any company but I feel right now we wont see this game in our lifetime.