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A Song of Dirt and Wind: Drawbacks

So talking to Samhaine the other day at work, I said I hadn't been posting on here as I had paying work to do, primarily working on a Fate version of Dawning Star now that my last sets of work for the Song of Ice and Fire and Chronicle system stuff were done.  He pointed that while a blog is not paying work, it may lead to paying work, which is true.  So I figured I'd start posting on here again.  If nothing else it gives me something else to get the wheel started before diving into Dawning Star.

To that end I figured I would start posting about my conversion of the Song of Ice and Fire/Chronicle system to a post apocalyptic setting I've been calling A Song of Dirt and Wind.  I've got some material that I had not yet posted, plus lots of neat ideas I never got to, so hopefully I'll be able to put that sort of stuff up a few times a week for the forseeable future.

A Song of Dirt and Wind: Drawbacks

Existing Drawbacks

The Bastard Born drawback should not be available in a Song of Dirt and Wind.  Folks care much less if your parents were married, if they care at all. All the other drawbacks work pretty well as is, though Debt is a bit odd since there are unlikely to be as many social forces encouraging the payment of debts; getting out from paying a debt in the wasteland is usually taken as a sign of being clever as opposed to reviled.

New Drawbacks

You’ve developed a taste for the finer things in life, and for them in quantity, making it hard to stretch out your meager supplies.
You consume three supply days of food each day.  If you are not able to consume three supply days worth of food each day you count as starving.  

Regardless of the main reason the Bonelands came to be, plague likely played some part in it.  You still carry some part of that sickness in you
You are infected with a deadly plague that is slowly consuming your body.  Each day you must consume two supply days of medicine to fight off its effects or succeed at an Formidable (12) Endurance (Resilience) check.  Each successive day without medicine inflicts a cumulative -1 penalty on this check.  Failure means your condition has worsened, and you now suffer a wound that cannot be healed until you can find ten supply days of medicine and treatement, requiring a Hard (15) Healing (Treat Ailment).  
You may wish to take a second Disadvantage, such as Poor Health or Sickly to represent the immediate effects of this plague.  

Something has taken up residence within your body, placing its own demands on your body and influencing your mind.
Your narrator will work with you to develop three goals for the parasite inside you, two of which you you know and one of which you do not.  Each scene where you have less than six Composure or Health must succeed at a Formdiable (12) Willpower test or fall under the sway of the parasite.   If you fail this test the parasite can control your actions for one round or action during the scene.  You may choose to take such actions towards the goals you know if you wish, or let the narrator decide when the parasite takes control.  

No Grit
You grew up somewhere far removed from the radiation, plagues, and heat of the wasteland.  You have no stomach for it’s trials.  
You suffer a -1D penalty to Endurance checks to resist the hostile environmental effects of the wasteland.  

You have spent too much time in the radstorms and the deep wastes; now the glow and the touch of the old world has warped your body and mind.  
Decrease your Composure and your Health by -1.  Also you cannot reproduce.  

Walking Dead
In a world where the dead walk, you have one foot in the grave.
You have been infected with the touch of the dead through plague, curse, or whatever else causes the dead to rise up from their graves.  You suffer -1D to Willpower tests unless you have eaten 2 supply days of meat or 5 pounds of human flesh in the last twenty four hours.  If you eat human flesh you must make a Formidable (12) Willpower (Dedication) or go further down the path of the walking dead, increasing your Willpower penalt by -1D.  If your Willpower penalty becomes bigger than your Willpower you have lost your struggle with the power of the undead and become a full fledged zombie.   

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