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FATE-ing Dawning Star: Species Part 3

So I've done some futher work on the races, mainly working on what I want them to have in terms of stunts and skills. Below is the format I'm looking out now with some examples drawn from the original Dawning Star material.

I'm not crazy about the formatting, the descriptive text is too short, and the stunts are going to have to be tweaked a lot over time, but I figure it's a good first stab.


The velin are natives of Eos who are a tribal society that dwells within the ancient ruins that dot the planet. While barely into the iron age, they know a great deal about the materials and devices left behind by the previous inhabitants of Eos. Thus far they have had good relations with humans on the hole, at least somewhat due to the fact that the velin look extremely human like aside from their purple-gray, leathery skin, pronounced facial features, and stark white hair.

The velin are a very spiritual people who place a great deal of importance on the spirit world and the will of the Ancients of Eos, but most importantly they week to keep the evil of the vaasi at bay. While this was met with derision for many years since no one had actually seen a vaasi the whole time Eos has been colonized, lately it seems the velin were right.
  • Starting Stunts:
    • Velin Weapon Training: Gain a +2 bonus to Shooting or Fighting attacks against vaasi when using traditional velin weapons
    • Vaasi Sense: You can sense vaasi with an Notice check against a difficulty equal to how many zones away the vaasi is. The velin need not be able to see, hear, smell, or otherwise detect the vaasi using normal senses.
  • Starting Skills:
    • Average Physique, Will, Fighting, Shooting, Survival.
    • Poor Computers and Physical Science.
  • Example High Concepts:
    • Blade Champion of the Blackfish Tribe
    • Avenger Against the Vaasi Scourge
    • Grass Window Seeker (Grass Widows are velin who go through ritual exposure to Red Truth after losing a loved one and being unable to deal with the grief, so instead choose insanity)
    • Crafter of the Sacred Metals of the Ancients
    • Greatest Tracker of the Northern Resource Zone
    • Keeper of the Visions of the Ancients
  • Example Aspects:
    • The Ancients Had the Powers of Gods, and So Will I
    • The Ancients Are Dead, the Humans Are Our Future
    • More Comfortable with Animals than People
    • Never Sleeps in the Same Place Twice
    • We Are all the Children of the Ancients
    • The Only Good Vaasi is a Ritually Disemboweled Vaasi
    • Even if Others Ignore the Danger I Cannot
  • Example Species Stunts
    • Ruinsmith: Gain a +2 bonus to Crafts when using materials salvaged from the ancient ruins of Eos.
    • Longrider: Gain a +2 bonus to Survival when riding animals native to Eos.
    • Child of Eos: Gain a +2 bonus to Survival to overcome obstacles related to finding food or surviving the elements on Eos.
    • Expert in the Tools of the Ancients: You can use Crafts instead of Physical Sciences when trying to understand or use the materials used by the Ancients.
    • Dreams of the Past: You may spend a Fate point to operate any device of the Ancients for one round at Fair (+2).

Saurian Flyers

One of the four subspecies of the saurians of C'thalk, flyers are the smallest of the saurians. Possessed of a light frame and wings between their arms and legs, they are able to fly short distances if not carrying much. The senses and dexterity developed learning to fly serves them well as pilots in both the atmospheric and space based forces of the Saurian Empire. Indeed they make up the majority of the pilots across all saurian vehicles.

While flyers are renowned for their piloting skills, they are equally renowned for their criminal habits. Flyers are seen as greedy by other saurians, which combined with the mocking flyers receive for their size has driven them to create social organizations to protect them from the other saurians. These groups, called Fang Gangs, are much like the organized crime of old Earth; while officially they help saurians deal with problems, threats, etc, they are also the heart of crime in the Saurian Empire.
  • Stunts:
    • Flying: You can use Athletics to move by flying, avoiding most obstacles on the ground but requiring open space; saurian flyers cannot fly in cramped quarters like hallways. Flyers cannot carry out actions requiring their hands while flying and cannot carry more than a few small items.
    • Natural Aviators: +2 to Drive when carrying out defense actions in an atmosphere.
  • Starting Skills:
    • Average Drive, Burglary, Craft, Athletics, and Notice.
    • Poor Rapport and Empathy.
  • Example High Concepts
    • Bone Guard Fighter Pilot
    • Fang Ganger Gunman on the Run
    • Messenger in the Imperial Bureaucracy
    • Explorer Looking for New Skies
    • Underworld Gunsmith
    • Helmsman of the Blood Guard
  • Example Aspects:
    • If They Won't Give Me Respect, I'll Take Everything
    • The Gang Comes First
    • Of Course I Can Fly That
    • Small in Stature, Tall in Cunning
    • I Will Not be Grounded
  • Species Stunts:
    • Floating is like Flying: Gain a +2 bonus to Athletics when defending in zero gravity.
    • Aerial Maneuvers: Gain a +2 to Drive when creating advantages while operating a air or space vehicle.
    • Try This: Gain a +2 bonus to Athletics creating advantages when engaged in a chase.
    • Tools of the Trade: Use Crafts for Burglary when bypassing locks or security systems.

Saurian Brachin

The least common of the saurian subspecies, the brachin are the long-necked keepers of the Imperial Bureaucracy, and more specifically the servants of the Empire. Most brachin are involved in serving the Empire, most having done so for generations beyond count, but a small number set their own path and find their way to running businesses, criminal groups, etc.

Brachin by natures are talkers and organizers. They are not much for leadership in combat or inspiring others, but they are excellent at keeping the government working behind the scenes while the tyran saurians gets all the accolades and honor. To the brachin, honor is one by effectively providing for your family and friends, not by killing people.

  • Starting Stunts:
    • Saurian Socialite: Gain a +2 bonus to Rapport checks to create advantages involving saurians.
    • Friends in High Places: Gain a +2 bonus to Contacts checks to defend when you can access the Imperial bureaucracy.
  • Starting Skills:
    • Average Knowledge, Rapport, and Contacts.
  • Example High Concepts:
    • Advisor to the Emperor
    • Exiled to be a Itinerant Tax Collector
    • Bureaucrat Trying to Change the System
    • Village Administrator Who Gets His Hands Dirty
    • Crime Lord of Seeking Respect
  • Example Aspects:
    • Family Before all Others
    • Honor is a Matter of Perspective
    • Bureaucracy is it's Own Reward
    • I Know a Man who Knows a Man
  • Species Stunts:
    • Can I Borrow That?: By calling in your friends to help you, you can use Contacts in place of Resources when looking to purchase a good or create an advantage.
    • Trust the Government: You can use Rapport in place of Deceive when interacting with saurians on government business.

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